The TB Centre

The TB Centre at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is a unique collaborative academic centre, representing the largest collection of researchers working on TB in Europe.

46th Union World Conference on Lung Health Cape Town, South Africa: 2 December - 6 December 2015

The conference theme is “A New Agenda: Lung Health Beyond 2015”, which reflects the changing landscape of global public health, and the new era of action that
 we will embark on together in the coming years.

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School Experts Welcome Stop! TB Partnership five-year Investment Plan

The ongoing global epidemic of TB has led experts to call for a complete overhaul in how the disease is tackled. A global alliance of experts in the Stop TB Partnership have launched a Global Plan to End TB which will save an estimated 10 million lives, and prevent a further 45 million TB cases.

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The TB Centre

The TB Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is a unique collaboration.

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The TB Centre brings together over 120 scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, statisticians, public health officers, and policy makers.

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The TB Centre members regularly publish papers and articles on immunology and vaccine research, pathogen biology, epidemiology, mathematical modelling, clinical trials, diagnostics, drug resistance and drug development, social and economic research, TB/HIV.

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