MTB Transmission 2014

Date: Tuesday 11 November 2014
Time: 9:00 am5:30 pm
Venue: John Snow Lecture Theatre, LSHTM, Keppel Street, London, WC1E 7HT, UK
Type of event: Meeting

The MTB Transmission 2014 event was made up of talks, lively debates and small group discussions. The topics covered were all related to TB transmission including basic science, mathematical modelling, healthy design, epidemiology and intervention studies. If you weren’t able to attend or want a quick recap, below you can find both slides and videos from the day.


Session 1: Transmission- what is known VIDEO

Talk 1: A potted history of early research on M.tb transmission- Paul Fine, LSHTM SLIDES

Talk 2: What have molecular techniques taught us about M.tb transmission? – Judith Glynn, LSHTM SLIDES

Debate: Further improvements in active case finding can only have a limited impact on TB control in the coming decades.

Proposing motion: David Dowdy, John Hopkins SLIDES

Opposing motion: Helen Ayles, LSHTM/ ZAMBART SLIDES

Session 2: Where does M.tb transmission occur? VIDEO

Talk 3: Carbon dioxide exposure as a proxy for M.tb exposure – Robin Wood, Desmond Tutu HIV Centre SLIDES

Talk 4: Inferring chains of transmission using whole genome sequencing – Josie Bryant, UCL/Sanger Institute SLIDES

Talk 5: Directly detecting M.tb in the environment – Allan Bennett, Porton Down SLIDES

Talk 6: Measuring and modelling social contact carrying a transmission risk – Pete Dodd, CREATE Consortium SLIDES

Session 3: How can we interrupt transmission in high burden settings? VIDEO

Talk 7: Should we focus on transmission hotspots? – Ted Cohen, Yale SPH SLIDES

Talk 8: What guinea pigs have taught me – Rod Escombe, Imperial College SLIDES

Talk 9: Retrofitting public spaces to reduce M.tb transmission – Jonathon Taylor, UCL SLIDES

Talk 10: The dynamics of drug-resistant M.tb transmission – Gwen Knight, LSHTM*

*This presentation of unpublished data will only be made available post publication

Session 4: Moving forwards VIDEO

Talk 10: Monitoring impact on transmission of programmatic interventions – Frank Cobelens, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation SLIDES

Note some unpublished material has been redacted from these slides. A full set of slides will be made available once these data are published.