Social determinants, policy and economic research

Social protection, economic evaluation and policy

LSHTM has one of the world’s largest groups of health economists working in economic evaluation and priority setting in developing countries, including a team of six economists working on TB. Collaborating with partners, and linking an economic approach with the world leading expertise of LSHTM in TB clinical disciplines and epidemiology, the group aims to inform investment in TB globally and within high burden countries.

Priority setting for TB

LSHTM is working to promote the use of economic analysis in priority setting for TB globally and at the country level. The work of the group includes several projects.

Global Health Costing Consortium (GHCC)

LSHTM is working with others to provide a comprehensive dataset of TB costing information for global and national use. This work includes development of new standards and methodologies for collecting, aggregating and estimating the cost of TB to health services and to patients, and is conducted with partners at the University of Washington, University of California and San Francisco, University of Cape Town, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública in Mexico and Avenir Health.