About TB Centre

Vision and scope of the TB Centre

UKEN091115-068 croppedEstablished in 2012, the TB Centre is a highly active research centre with more than 120 members. Members of the TB Centre conduct their own research and also influence global and national policy on TB treatment and research priorities.

As a centre we envision a reduction in the global burden of tuberculosis (TB) disease through the development of effective interventions for the prevention, detection and treatment of tuberculosis infection and disease.

We will strive to achieve these goals through: innovation, collaboration and investing in the future.

1. Innovation

Members of the LSHTM TB Centre develop tools and interventions for the prevention and treatment of TB in areas including vaccine development, clinical trial design, epidemiology, tracing of TB transmission using molecular tools, host-pathogen interactions, development and implementation of new diagnostics, mathematical modelling, health economics and health systems research.

2. Collaboration

We conduct work in collaboration with partners in more than 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. With our collaborative partners we perform innovative research on a global scale.

3. Investing in the future

The TB Centre is committed to the development of students and young researchers in TB.