Job Opportunities | AMR post doctoral fellow & WHO consultancy

Domain expert antimicrobial resistance (AMR) (postdoctoral fellow)

Fulltime (40 hours per week) – based in Amsterdam

The position

The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) is seeking a postdoctoral fellow who will be part of a larger team that conducts research to better understand antimicrobial resistance (AMR) patterns and key drivers of AMR emergence. The project aims to close current knowledge gaps on the prevalence of AMR, especially in those countries with weaker health systems. Such knowledge is essential to guide antimicrobial treatment decisions, such as choice of empirical treatment at national, regional or local level, and to prioritize interventions aimed at reducing AMR. Complex systems modeling, and analysis will be a key component of the research, to better interpret available data and discover unidentified drivers and trends of AMR.

The project will take a multidisciplinary approach, with a team of researchers with biomedical, computational science, social science, and economics backgrounds. The domain expert will contribute through identification of relevant data sources of AMR, via desk research, systematic reviews, and interviews. Together with the computational science expert, the domain expert will form the core team of the project. A larger group of multidisciplinary researchers will contribute knowledge and overall project direction as required and guided by the core team.

We offer at a full time (40 hours) position for the period of 12 months.


  • Doctoral degree in relevant area (e.g. medicine, biology, public health, health sciences)
  • In depth knowledge and understanding of the biology and epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance, including resistance in common bacterial pathogens.
  • Proven track record of working independently with large data sets
  • Willing and capable of close collaboration with experts working in other disciplines and domains including social sciences
  • Strong team worker
  • Excellent communication skills

AIGHD offers

AIGHD offers an excellent job opportunity in a cutting edge working environment in global health and development and a salary in line with prevailing sector standards. AIGHD has a fulltime workweek of 40 hours, 25 days leave annually, an attractive collective pension plan and a comprehensive collective health insurance scheme. The position is based at the office of AIGHD in Amsterdam.

Please send your application (including CV and letter of motivation) to HR Support at AIGHD

AIGHD takes a problem-oriented approach and transcends the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines to provide sustainable solutions in the field of Global Health through research, education and policy advising. The Institute stands for a collaboration among biomedical researchers from the Academic Medical Center (AMC), social scientists and economists from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and from the VU University Amsterdam (VU). AIGHD links expertise, resources and programs from institutions that are involved in health-related research, education and capacity building. By doing this, it brings a “delivery perspective” to health research, and a “quality aspect” to health care services in countries with limited resources.

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WHO consultancy

Interested candidates should send their updated CV and motivation letter to  Lou Comia  ( no later than close of business 30 June 2018.

Purpose of the Consultancy
To support the Research for TB Elimination (RTE) team in the production of a final report of the workshop on “Advances in Clinical Trial Design for Development of New TB Treatments”. To coordinate the production of a special medical journal issue devoted to aspects of new clinical trial designs for investigation of TB treatments, relying on the main key-note papers
presented at and for the workshop.

In 2016, the WHO Task Force on “Development of policies for introduction of new TB drugs and treatment regimens” published a series of Target Regimen Profiles for TB treatment intending to guide the drug development process towards important anti-TB treatment regimen characteristics. To follow on this, the Task Force recommended that the WHO develop a consensus document to guide the research community on optimal clinical trial designs for new anti-TB drugs and regimens, in consultation with relevant stakeholders in the field. Based on these recommendations, WHO/GTB organized in March 2018 a 3-day workshop on Clinical Trial Design for New TB Treatments with the aim to get consensus on identifying the best trial designs to inform policy guidance on new treatment regimens for TB.

The main objective of the workshop was to develop expert consensus on evidence-based approaches to trial designs and use of data to inform policy guidance on new treatment regimens for TB.

The specific objectives were:
i. to review the respective strengths and limitations of current approaches for clinical development of new TB drugs and drug regimens;
ii. to identify optimal practices and study designs to inform policy guidance on new drug regimens for the treatment of all forms of TB, taking into account recent developments in methods, tools, biomarkers and designs,
iii. About 60 participants from around the world attended this workshop, including highly reputed and knowledgeable trialists, scientists, methodologists and representatives from research institutions, contract research organizations, regulators, guideline developers, programme managers, non-governmental organizations and civil society. They debated during the full three-day meeting to review the respective strengths and limitations of current approaches used in clinical development of new TB drug regimens and to identify new and optimal practices and study designs to inform policy guidance on new drug regimens for the treatment of all forms of TB, taking into account recent developments in methods, tools and biomarkers. The Expected outcome was a document that would indicate, with proper information and review, the optimal, agreed-upon approaches to trial design for TB treatments development.

Planned timelines (subject to confirmation)
Start date: 15/07/201
End date: 29/12/2018

Work to be performed
Output 1: Report of the workshop on “Advances in Clinical Trial Design for Development of New TB Treatments”.
Deliverable 1.1: To work on the draft workshop report produced by a scientific writer who attended the Workshop.
Deliverable 1.2: To fully revise and update this report with comments from the facilitators and chairs of the various sessions, as well as workshop chair.
Deliverable 1.3: To produce a full, clear and concise final Report of the Workshop that will be used by RTE and shared with all due stakeholders.
Deliverable 1.4: The workshop report would include:
1.4.1 The minutes of the various sessions held along the full agenda, with summary of presentations made and related discussions;
1.4.2 The list of questions that were debated;
1.4.3 The results of the discussions including the list of agreement points that were identified, the potential alternative options and needs for future research;
1.4.4 The main workshop highlights.

Output 2: Special medical journal issue devoted to new clinical trial designs for investigation of new TB treatments.
1. In relation with RTE team, to prepare the list of content of the special journal issue and outline the expected content of each contributing paper;
2. To contact potential authors and ensure the writing and production of each relevant paper in a “ready-to submit” version in an acceptable timeline;
3. To relate with the journal editor for the preparation, peer-review and publication of the special issue;
4. In relation with RTE team, to deal with all other aspects of publication as relevant.
Deliverable 2.1: Final Workshop Report ready for WHO Web-posting.
Deliverable 2.2: Final versions of pre-publication papers written and submitted to the selected medical journal for peer-review: 29th December 2018.
5. Technical Supervision The consultant will work under supervision of the Team Leader, GTB/RTE in collaboration with members of the RTE team.
6. Specific requirements Qualifications required:
-Degree in medicine and public health/epidemiology

Experience required:
– Prior extensive experience (15+ years) in TB and global health
– Prior extensive experience (15+ years) in research production and management
– Prior country-level experience in public health in high TB burden countries
– Excellent knowledge of English
– Documented strong experience in papers writing and publishing

Desirable experience and skills:
– Excellent knowledge in drug development aspects and methods
– Knowledge of WHO and/or UN system would be a strong advantage
– Knowledge of any other official UN language
– Experience in production of public health relevant documents

Language requirements:
-Expert level in written and spoken English required
Languages and level required (Read – Write – Speak / Expert or Intermediate)

Place of assignment
Consultants place of residence.

Medical clearance
The selected Consultant will be expected to provide a medical certificate of fitness for work.

There will be no travel involved with this Consultancy Contract.

USD 600 per day – 42 working days in total.

WHO will not be responsible for tickets purchased by the Consultant without the express, prior authorization of WHO. While on mission under the terms of this consultancy, the Consultant will receive subsistence allowance.

Visas requirements: It is the consultant’s responsibility to fulfil visa requirements and ask for visa support letter(s) if needed.