High-level UN General Assembly on TB | Write to your MP

In his World TB day address, Rt Hon Nick Herbert said physically writing to your constituency MP was a particularly effective way of raising issues with them. He suggested we do this to encourage Theresa May to attend the United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in New York in September.

To help with this, we’ve created a template below along with some useful information.

The UK Academics & Professionals to End TB, who are represented by institutions across the UK, including the TB Centre, have added their voice to this call to action, by leading the UK academics call on the UK Prime Minister to prioritise the fight against TB.

### TEMPLATE ###

Dear [your MPs title and name – this has to be your constituency MP’s, else the will almost certainly ignore it],

My name is [xxxx. I live in xxxx. I am xxxx- Share a personal reason why you care about TB/ what you do linked to TB]

[If your MP has have done anything on TB/heath/international development/etc already, thank them for it here – MPs rarely get ‘thanks’. You can check out the voting record here: www.theyworkforyou.com ]

Why is it critical to address tuberculosis (TB)?
There is a dangerous misconception that TB has largely been eliminated in the UK and around the world. In fact, TB kills over 4000 people a day, more people than any other infectious disease globally.  Approximately 6000 new TB cases occur in the UK every year. Parts of London have higher TB rates than many developing countries, resulting in London being referred to as the ‘TB Capital of Europe’.  It is widely recognised that current strategies to control TB are failing, and that a substantial increase in effort is needed to see a major reduction.

Why now?
2018 is a landmark year for TB control. In November 2017, 75 national ministers made a landmark commitment to take urgent action to end TB by 2030 (known as the Moscow Declaration). To cement this political commitment, the first United Nations General Assembly high-level meeting on TB is taking place in New York in September 2018.

Action needed
Consistent with her vision for a Global Britain, please do all you can to encourage Rt Hon Theresa May to attend the United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in New York in September. It is vitally important the UK is represented at this critical meeting, so that at last this terrible disease can be beaten.

I would really appreciate a response to this letter.

[Best regards/wishes/sincerely],

[Your name]
[Address so they can see you are a constituent, and write back to you]

### END ###