Professor Stephen Lawn Memorial Prize | 2018 Winner

The Stephen Lawn Memorial Lecture will be held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London on Thursday 22 March. This year Professor Liz Corbett from Malawi and the London School will be giving the Stephen Lawn Memorial lecture.

This lecture is linked to the Stephen Lawn Memorial Fund, which also includes a Prize for an early researcher conducting work focused on reducing the disease burden of HIV associated TB in Africa.

This year we announce the first winner of the Stephen Lawn Memorial Prize, Dr Leonardo Martinez, who will be attending the lecture to receive his award, and giving a seminar on his research.

Leonardo Martinez is a postdoctoral research fellow with Dr. Jason Andrews at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Leo’s research focuses on deriving and validating effective interventions to diagnose and prevent pediatric tuberculosis, furthering our understanding of tuberculosis transmission dynamics in settings with a high burden of HIV and tuberculosis, and advocating for the implementation of effective health policy in low-income communities with a high tuberculosis burden.

From early in his career to today, Leo has been inspired by Dr. Lawn’s extensive scientific contributions to the field of HIV and tuberculosis and his passion for reducing the disease and mortality burden in impoverished settings.