Seminar | Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Advances and Challenges


Dr. Sterling received his medical degree from the Columbia University College of Physicians Surgeons, completed his residency training in internal medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, and fellowship training in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 1998, and moved to Vanderbilt in 2003. He is the director of the Vanderbilt Tuberculosis Center. He is also Director of Epidemiology Research in the Division of Infectious Diseases, and Director of the Epidemiology and Outcomes Unit of the Tennessee Center for AIDS Research.

Dr. Sterling’s research interests are focused on the epidemiology and treatment of tuberculosis and HIV. Particular areas of interest include treatment of latent tuberculosis infection, drug resistance in M. tuberculosis (including multi-drug resistance and fluoroquinolone resistance, both phenotypic and genotypic), and HIV-related tuberculosis. He also has an interest in the immunogenetic predisposition to tuberculosis, particularly extrapulmonary disease. Dr. Sterling receives grant support from the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Speaker: Dr Tim Sterling, Professor of Medicine and Director, Vanderbilt Tuberculosis Center, Vanderbilt University

Date: 16 November 2017

Time: 12:45 – 13:45

Venue: LG24, Keppel Street

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