World TB Day 2014 Symposium Slides and Video

After a great World TB Day Symposium 2014, we're grateful to the presenters for allowing us to be able to share some of the videos and PDFs of the presentations below:


Session 1 - Drug Resistance

Drug Resistance & Strain Type in UK: Lucy Thomas (PHE) - PDF below

Drug Resistance & Strain Type in Peru: Louis Grandjean (LSHTM) Video / PDF below

Drug Resistance vs. Drug Sensitive Trials: Patrick Phillips (MRC CTU) - Video / PDF below

BTS MDR TB Clinical Advice Service: Marc Lipman (UCL) - Video / PDF below



Session 2 - Underlying Science

Urine-based diagnosis of TB through detection of LAM: the current state of play: Stephen Lawn (LSHTM) - Video / PDF below

Approaches to Monitoring Therapy: Tim McHugh (UCL) - Video/PDF below

Operational and Clinical Research Update: Jose Luis Castro (The Union) - Video/PDF below



Session 3 - Looking Forward

Lancet Resp Med/LID overview & launch: Emma Grainger (Lancet) - Video / PDF below

Advances in new TB drug development: Michael Hoelscher (LMU) - Video / PDF below

Autopsy Data from Zambia: Matthew Bates (UCL) - Video / PDF below

EDCTP investment in TB: Ole Oleson (EDCTP) - Video / PDF below



Session 4 - Finding TB

Video Observed Therapy: Andrew Hayward (UCL) - Video / PDF below

Migrant Screening: Rob Aldridge (UCL) - Video / PDF below

TB Modelling update and 'TIME' - a new country level TB model for decision-makers: Richard White & Rein Houben (LSHTM) - Video / PDF below