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The tuberculosis module is part of the Infectious Diseases MSc course, which students can take as a distance learning course via a partnership between LSHTM and the University of London International Programme.

Module Benefits

The overall aim of the module is to provide a broad understanding of TB control and is multidisciplinary. There are strong emphases on biology, pathology and immunology, but these are balanced with considerations of broader social and ethical issues. The impact of HIV and drug resistance on TB epidemiology and TB control are also included.

The study material is delivered via an electronic format with interactive exercises, figures and animations, with a team of 15 tutors supporting learning via virtual learning environment discussion forums.

Our module student body is highly diverse, with approximately 120 students registered each year from around 40 countries and every world region. They have a median age of 35 and around half of them are clinically qualified. Whilst a lot of our students are registered on the Infectious Diseases course, it is also a popular optional choice amongst students registered on other LSHTM courses such as Public Health, Global Health Policy, Epidemiology and Clinical Trials, and it can be taken as a standalone short-course.

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