Post-viva seminar | The development of a mathematical modelling framework to translate TB vaccine responses between species and predict the most immunogenic dose in humans using animal data

Summary Vaccine dosing decision making employs relatively antiquated methods compared to the methods employed for drug dosing decision making. As such, we may be discarding vaccine candidates and wasting considerable resources. This failure to use modern methods may, in part, be due to the complexities in measuring a biomarker of vaccine efficacy and defining the […]

IID Seminar | Correlates of risk of TB disease and their back-translation into animal models

Summary Immune correlates of risk of TB disease have recently been identified in human clinical trials. These correlates indicate that, years before TB disease develops, there is alteration in the host-immune environment which is associated with risk of TB disease. Perhaps these alterations render the immune environment permissive to mycobacterial infection or increased growth, or […]

Up-coming Seminar from Gavin Churchyard, Aurum Institute

  Speaker: Gavin Churchyard, Aurum Institute Date: 13 December 2017 Time: 12:45 – 13:45 Venue: Jerry Morris B, Tavistock Place Watch live or watch later Use this link to watch the seminar live, or to watch it later. ********** More information For more information please contact Marek at