TB Centre Biennial Report 2017-2018

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F1000 Special Collection for World TB Day 2018

F1000Research Special Collection for World TB Day 2018 We are excited to announce that F1000 will be supporting a special collection of manuscripts for the UCL-LSHTM World TB Day 2018 meeting. Read more about the F1000Research publishing model here. This blog post from the F1000 describes why they have established the publishing model this way. Briefly, the F1000Research model is based on […]

Video | Tackling TB: TB Centre Retreat 2017

In September 2017 the TB Centre held our retreat where we discussed some of the biggest problems facing TB research and how the Centre is working to tackle these problems. This video gives a flavour of some of the research covered and the importance this has to individuals with TB. Watch the video here.  TB […]

Seminar | 99DOTS: A low-cost real-time technology for remote adherence monitoring for TB treatment using mobile phones

Summary Developing a patient-friendly and effective solution for adherence monitoring for TB treatment has been an open problem for decades. 99DOTS is a low-cost, mobile phone-based technology that enables real-time remote monitoring of daily intake of medication. This system makes treatment more accessible and convenient for patients while enabling providers to focus on the highest […]